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Central Valley Tank Warranty Policy

Central Valley Tank tanks are designed and manufactured to provide many years of dependable service. To ensure maximum longevity and optimum use, we recommend the following installation and maintenance procedures:

1. Tanks should be installed atop a level contained gravel foundation. The gravel container may be wood, steel or concrete with a secure footing or amply staked to the ground. Gravel should be four to six inches deep of level and compacted one-half or three-quarters inch crushed rock.

2. Tanks should be inspected annually for mineral, chemical or organic residuals on interior surfaces. If the interior is covered or colored with residuals (i.e. algae, sulfur, iron, phosphates, et..) the tank should be emptied brushed clean, and recoated with an approved product. Depending on water conditions, tanks typically should be recoated every five to seven years.

3. The exterior of the tank should not require maintenance. If rust spots appear, they may be due to electrolytic or bacterial conditions. Check all electrical connections to and near the tank for proper grounding and insulation. Use Di-electrical couplings for all B-metal connections to the tank. Have water analyzed for algae or bacterial content and take appropriate action.

4. Central Valley Tank is not responsible for damage cause by improper handling. Tanks should be handled and installed with care.

5. Please note: State and Country may require an alternate foundation. Please consult your county prior to installation.

6. Central Valley Tank’s warranty requires that all the above installation and maintenance procedures are followed.

Warranty Policy of Central Valley Tank

Central Valley Tank warrants its Galvanized steel tanks against defects in workmanship or materials causing leakage or corrosion for ten years under normal use from date of purchase. The warranties on equipment or accessories furnished with the tank but manufactured by others are limited to the warranties offered by the manufacturers for their respective products.

All obligations and liabilities under this warranty are limited to repairing or replacing, at our option, such allegedly defective tanks at their installation site. Repairs or replacement are made subject to field inspection by a factory representative.

Expressly excluded from this warranty are defects caused by electrolytic or bacterial conditions, misuse, abuse or improper application, employment or operation of the tank. Expendable items and damage resulting from unauthorized repair or not covered by this warranty. No liability for alleged failure of its products.

The warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied.

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